Ethiopia: Keeping the Promises of Meles – –

by Zelalem

Four years have been elapsed since the great leader Meles Zenawi passed away. He left the country and people with his milestone accomplishments and immortal visions.

Under the outstanding leadership of Meles, Ethiopia registered astonishing advancements in political, social and economic spheres, with noticeable ramifications in the stature of the country in sub-regional, regional and international settings.

Meles had a deeper conviction on ensuring durable peace, democratic order and sustainable development, the triple pillars of nation’s own survival. He strongly argued that the country would be immersed into turmoil if poverty left unchecked.

The struggle against poverty is fittingly described in his analogy as one cannot survive an avalanche cascading down a mountain unless he/she outstrip it. To overcome poverty, Meles insisted the country needs to registered fast and sustained economic growth to pull millions of citizens out of abject poverty.

In the political sphere, Meles propagated the importance of pluralism and competitive multi-party politics. For him development would be unsound in the absence of democracy.

In so doing, he led to frame a constitution whereby the rights of Ethiopian people guaranteed on equal basis of participation to form a single political economy and a united democratic nation. The constitution which his leadership has brought helps the nation to make a clean break with poverty and ensure durable economic and democratic order.

To make Ethiopia’s economic growth harmonious with environment, Meles formulated a green growth policy including effective clean energy production and low carbon emission.

The construction of mega hydro-electric power projects which were launched under his leadership are meant to lay Ethiopia’s industrial development on firm basis. He was not only envisaging the electric power projects to meet the growing energy demand of the Ethiopian people but also the possibility of exporting of electricity to neighbouring countries thereby strengthening regional cooperation.

Meles recognized that any destabilization in the sub-region will hamper Ethiopia’s ongoing development endeavours. To this end, his leadership, along with regional and international actors, played important roles in ensuring peace in neighbouring countries including Sudan and Somalia. Ethiopia also began economic cooperation and regional integration under the leadership of Meles.

It is worthwhile to credit Meles and his leadership for Ethiopia’s commendable achievements in ensuing durable peace, democratization effort and good governance, improving health and education sector, agriculture and rural development, as well as foreign policy and national security affairs.

When we commemorate the life of Meles, we need to capitalize on these achievements and uphold Meles’ vision to see strong and prosperous country. Ethiopia also needs to continue strengthening its relations with neighbouring countries on socio-economic cooperation and peace building.

The government has made it clear that all development initiatives of Meles will keep going forward, all the transformation plans will be succeed.

Since the untimely death of the late Prime Minister Meles, the incumbent government has unwaveringly expressed its commitment to press ahead with the development policies and strategies with more vigour and tenacity. At this particular point, Ethiopians should be vigilant on protecting the peace and stability of their country.

Recent violence erupted in some parts of the country clearly shows the animosity of foreign actors to destabilize Ethiopia. As usual they rushed to undermine the country whenever internal divisions and conflicts prevailed. Ethiopians must condemn violence and be well aware of the hidden agenda of anti-peace elements and groups manipulating violence to advance their interests.

When we commemorate the life of Meles, we should renew our commitment to honour and sustain the legacy of Meles and realize his vision for peace, democracy, development and good governance.

Thus the incumbent government further needs to mobilize citizens and bring consensuses on nation’s agenda for peace, development, and good governance which are imperative to move the country forward. Nation has to continue the speedy and equitable economic growth spearheaded by Meles.

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