Ethiopia: ISIS map angers Somalis, Oromos



Muslim Oromos and Somalis in Ethiopia are “angered” by the latest declaration from the Syria-based ISIS. According to international media reports, ISIS has declared jihad worldwide to form a global Islamic State (IS) to be governed under the ultraconservative sunni branch of Wahhabism. In the map for its Islamic State (IS) officially published by the militants, the whole east African region inhibited by ethnic Somalis and Oromos was incorporated into a region named “The land of HABASHA.”

Most Oromos and Somalis “feel insulted,” an observer said, because the ISIS use of the label “Habasha” historically refers to the semetic speaking ethnic groups of Amhara, Tigray, Gurage and Harari.

Most Oromos and somalis resent being called “habasha.”

The Habasha semetic ethnic groups have dominated the non-habasha Ethiopians (Oromos, somalis etc) politically, linguistically and culturally the last nearly two hundred years. Both Oromos and somalis have been struggling for freedom from the habasha controlled Ethiopian governments.

Oromos say wahhabism ideology of ISIS is not embraced in most of Ethiopia and using imperialistic and provocative maps like these pushes away other muslims.

Under wahabi strict ideology, nearly all Ethiopian muslims are also considered apostate (kafir).

The Wahhabism ideology used by ISIS is not popular among the Sunni muslims in Ethiopia, which are almost 40% of the country’s total population. Conservative wahabi Saudi groups have opened schools and financed mosques in Ethiopia but they have not been successful.


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