Ethiopia Is On the Winning Course of Addressing Climate Change Crisis

by Zelalem

Dr. Tewoldeberhan Gebre-egzabher, Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Environment and Forests, has noted that Ethiopia is successfully resisting severe climate change impacts. The country has made headways in tackling the severe effects of climate change through the effective implementation of policies and strategies devised to help mitigate climate change, he said.

Reducing carbon emissions was an example of Ethiopia’s success, he added, and its experience in reducing carbon emissions was being emulated by other countries. Well-crafted economic policies were laying the foundation for a massive expansion and development of green energy infrastructure, including major hydroelectric dams.

Dr. Tewoldeberhan also pointed out that people had participated in planting billions of seedlings across the country, and that this move has raised a 3% forest coverage to 10% during the last decade. He noted that the active engagement of millions of Ethiopians in rural soil and water conservation programs in all regions was contributing to the elimination of the challenges of climate change and the enhancement of agricultural productivity. Dr. Tewoldbrhan, a former Director General of Ethiopian Environment Protection Authority is a well-known scientist working on climate change.

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