Ethiopia: Inspiring Youths Towards Development

by Zelalem

The development of renewable energy sources ensures the dedication and commitment of the Ethiopian government and people to carry out their national and moral obligations of eliminating poverty from the country. As Ethiopia seeks to achieve middle-income status, it’s critical to sustain its commitment to fight against climate change. To do so, it requires formulating environmentally sustainable strategies not only in the development of a vibrant manufacturing and industrial base, but also in the production of carbon free energy as a component of Ethiopia’s growth and transformation.

Since 2003, Ethiopia has maintained an impressive record of continuous growth rates of about 10 per cent a year. The economy becomes tripled in size and Ethiopia has shown significant declines in poverty and achieved most of the Millennium Development Goals, especially in health and education. The result came due to the proper implementation of goals planned to join middle income economies by 2025.

To make this successful, Ethiopia builds its mega hydroelectric dam at Guba in Benshangul Gumuz State. The construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) becomes instrumental in sustaining the country’s economic development thereby improving the well-being of the society.

Currently, the progress of the construction of the Dam is advancing step by step in a way it would be engine to the country’s overall growth. In connection to this, the people of Ethiopia also showing their commitment through providing continuous support as national and moral obligations intending to get out of poverty from this country.

In this regard, The Ethiopian Herald has approached members and senior leaders of Ancient Ethiopian Patriots Association (AEPA) to discuss on epoch-making efforts of the present generation towards GERD in relation with the victory of Adwa.

According to AEPA President Lij Daniel Jote Mesfin, the victory of Adwa and the construction of GERD have close correlation in showing people’s strength and perseverance to protect and shield their country from enemy. The ancient Ethiopian people stood in unity to fight against foreign invasions, whereas the present generation is standing for defeating poverty and the prosperity of their country, he added.

President Daniel also said it was a century ago during the reign of Menelik II, the project was captured Ethiopian’s attention and hearts. But, it was interrupted due to various political and economic problems, he noted.

With no disappointment, the people of Ethiopia currently stood together to finalize the construction of the Dam contributing their support in finance and labour, President Daniel remarks.

Benefiting from the Nile River requires commitment. “Thus, the youth must work for the benefit of the coming generation, not for the benefit of individual interest alone.”

According to President Daniel, the Association has consisted of about 30,000 patriots living in 13 zones across the nation. The Association mostly finances its income from the support of the government.

Even if patriots are economically poor to provide support for the Dam in finance, they often insist this generation to further take sound commitment in order to finalize this grand project in time.

The other member of the Association Captain Wagnew Abay on his part said that the GERD will enable the present and future generations reach the level that developed countries has currently reached. The youth is changing history participating in the construction of the Dam in full swing and making uncontested unity, he added.

Captain Wagnew commented that the sacrifice paid in blood and bone by ancient Ethiopian patriots must be repeated in the construction of the Grand Dam.

To make this happen, the youths have the opportunity to adopt technology to undertake engineering works as well as to capacitate themselves in skills, moral and economic inputs. In doing so, the new generation will reiterate the invincibility of the people for any impervious challenge they face, Shambel Wagnew insisted.

According to Shambel, over 13,500 local and foreign battles had been undertaken in Ethiopia. In these wars, every section of the people of Ethiopia was part and parcel of the victories. Now, the struggle is focusing on defeating the sole enemy of the country – poverty, and transferring peace and development for the next generations, he noted.

“We, the patriots, are proud of seeing the emerging development status of this country.”

Coronel Andarge Desta said Ethiopians were not known in the mind of foreigners to cooperate for national growth; but now, the present generation is inspired and working hard to benefit more from their huge rivers with non-resilient effort.

Coronel Andarge also said all the victories of Ethiopia attained over the many battles were not limited to one ethnic group alone; it was the victory of all the Ethiopian people. As the previous generation did not hand over its dignity to enemies, the present one must continue their support to the construction of the Dam until the completion, he commented.

The GERD is a source of pride to all sections of Ethiopian society. “As a patriot, I am proud of seeing the achievements of our children who they start and struggle to finish this type of huge project with their own finance and labour,” he commented.

Coronel Andarge also insisted that the Dam will also be a basis to make all Ethiopians firmly united, cultivate respect and love among themselves. As it has proved the rebirth of a prosperous Ethiopia, citizens are expected to provide their fervent support, and place their own finger prints on this national property.

The other member of the Association, Yayehyirad Atinafu said as Adwa is considered as the history of black people, GERD is a means to make history of prospering the nation utilizing untouchable resources.

“Previously, Nile was negatively toned for washing the Ethiopian soil, but now, it has got a place to rest and begin to develop its origin,” he observed.

Yayehyirad also said though it received peace and freedom because of ancient patriots, this generation should play epoch-making role to use Ethiopia’s untapped water resources, thereby to eradicate poverty for ones and for all.

The patriots encouraged concerned bodies to make effort in getting a proper place in the world for the huge sacrifice Ethiopian patriots paid for liberty which in turn ignited all impoverished people to fight against poverty. The youth needs to replicate the victory of forefathers and mothers over invading Italian forces in maintaining the country’s peace and economic development.

Currently, the national energy production capacity has increased to 5,200 MW from only 400 MW two decades ago. In this aspiration, the government is working relentlessly to increase the energy demand for various industries and the ever-increasing energy consumption.

In doing so, the Ethiopia’s Renaissance will be ensured as Ethiopians stand together to achieve the intended goal irrespective of ethnicity, religious and political background. The status of the GERD is encouraging the public to further continue its active and sheer participation of the public. It is not the time for the youth to procrastinate to provide support in finance donation, and labour and professional contribution. All Ethiopians residing here and abroad must speak about this grand project until its completion.

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