Ethiopia in Danger! Is There a Way Out Without Our Mutual Destruction? – By …

by Zelalem

If Ethiopia is to emerge from an “ethnic apartheid era of the TPLF)” with enough strength to meet the challenges of the future, the people of Ethiopia must seek reconciliation, genuine justice and a “changed mindset” that will shape the agenda. If Ethiopians, including the TPLF/EPRDF, refuse to give up our present “us versus them” mentality or our tribal-based, “winner take all” culture, we will set into motion a destiny more similar to Rwanda, Kosovo or Syria.

Our future as a Country is fragile, like a large clay pot filled with water that many of us want to quench our thirst.It is being fought over by many desperate families who could all have a drink if they so decided not to fight over who should carry it. Instead, as many hands try to snatch it away from others to gain control of the water, the clay pot falls to the ground and shatters; the precious water spilling out all over the ground. No one gets a drink.

What kind of future do we, the people Ethiopia want and what kind of choices will lead to it? Will we choose revenge or justice? Will we choose tribalism or feudalism or the affirmation of the dignity and worth of all Ethiopians? Will we choose hatred or reconciliation? Will we choose truth or deception; accountability or corruption; decency or exploitation; civility or ignorance?

The people of Ethiopia can stubbornly choose to continue an greed-based and immoral system that will perpetuate our present condition or choose a new future to a New Ethiopia by taking a different path—one that is life-affirming, justice-seeking and peace-building.

Without reconciliation between Ethiopians people, we will “break the clay pot.” Reconciliation is the only way out of this crisis, but will the TPLF and other Tigrayans see this? If they can see it, are they willing to do it? If they did, would other groups be willing to accept them or would these opposing groups want to defeat them as “the enemy” regardless of the costs?

Is it more about defeating the enemy or is it about “transforming the enemy”—whoever it is—for the betterment of everyone. We the people of Ethiopia must strategically think rather than emotionally react. We all have a lot to lose if we do it in the wrong way.

May God fill each and every Ethiopian heart, soul and mind with love, forgiveness and a ready spirit to admit and correct wrong towards each other so that we become a blessing not only to the living of today but to those in generations to come.

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