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Essete GebrielAddis Ababa, Ethiopia – DHL Express Ethiopia stated that Ethiopia is among the top five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa in terms of volume of items handled by the company. “Looking at the sub-Sahara region, the data shows us that Ethiopia is among the top five countries in terms of handling a large volume of items that are either being received or sent out,” stated  Essete Gebriel, DHL Express Ethiopia Country Manager.

Although the company has shown constant growth, local challenges have contributed to some problems, it was stated. “Different environments and different countries have their own challenges. Our principle is that even though we face challenges, we have to overcome them and move forward. Our performance shows that we are growing, so I cannot really say that there is a challenge we are facing that is hindering our growth,” Essete stated.

Internet connectivity was mentioned as one of the challenges that sometimes causes delays in delivering services.

“Looking at our daily activities there could be problems. Some of our systems are dependent on Internet connectivity, and sometimes there is a connection problem which affects our services but we try to cope with our backup systems. This is a challenge for many countries, not just ours,” Essete said.

She further stated that, according to senior level and regional managers of DHL, if the Internet problem in Ethiopia is solved, Ethiopia has the potential to become one of the top performing countries in the region.

DHL Express Ethiopia also announced that it has been validated as a Regulated Agent from a 3rd Country (RA3) under the new European Union security regulation. The regulation which was applicable since 2012 requires all air carriers flying cargo and mail into the EU from non-EU countries to ensure that certain standards for security are met prior to the loading of an aircraft bound for the European Union.

“The validation is yet another vote of confidence in our services. We are delighted to be recognized as a RA3 so that we can ensure the uninterrupted flow of DHL Express customers’ shipments into or via the EU and to maintain the safety and security of DHL Express staff and operations.” Essete stated.


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