Ethiopia: Global Entrepreneurship Day to Bring Best Minds Together

by Zelalem

Addis Ababa University is celebrating the Global Entrepreneurship Day with panel discussion beginning yesterday.

Opening the ceremony, Dr. Matheos Ensermo Vice President of Human Resource Management and Students’ Service at the University said the celebration of the day plays a paramount role in bringing together the best minds in Ethiopian and finding solutions to the country’s biggest challenges.

“We shall look at ways to harness our great networks of entrepreneurs and innovators to improve the lives of ordinary people in our country,” he noted. According to him, despite its contribution as a driver of economic growth, many innovative ideas of entrepreneurs have not yet been successfully translated in to products and services that would touch and improve citizens’ quality of life across the country.

Several research findings and best experiences of entrepreneur’s would be presented in the three day panel. Thus, the researches finds that come about with practical solutions to the nation’s problems would be published, presented, he added.

Dr. Andreas B.W Wesselmann, Managing Director of Africrops told journalists that his company would like to establish businesses with Ethiopia and develop local companies based on their entrepreneurial visions.

Speaking of his observation in Ethiopia, Andreas said the country has a lot of possibility in the agro-business. Besides production, there is also a business possibility for transporting, processing and storage.

“I have an impression that the potential is not yet exploited. Our specialization is on organic farming. Entrepreneurship in agro-business in particular, organic farming is very important field that Ethiopian farmers can develop,” he added.

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