Ethiopia: Germany to Back Humanitarian Projects

by Zelalem

Germany announces a financial assistance of 3.6 million euro to support three humanitarian projects in Ethiopia that benefits refugees, host communities as well as drought affected people.

The three projects aim at improving the living standards of refugees from South Sudan in Ethiopia and Ethiopians living in drought-affected areas.

The projects respectively targets to promote the sanitation nutrition, and health of refugees with particular emphasis on elderly and people with disability sheltered Nugenyyie in Gambella refugee camp. Under the coordination of UNHCR, the camp will receive a permanent water distribution system by producing drinking water, which will be taken from Baro River to benefit up to 60,000 persons. Lots of latrines and sanitation facilities will also be built in the refuge camps.

The other project also aims to give emergency food aid in supporting livestock and enhancing WASH infrastructure for drought affected population in the regions of Dillo and Miyo Oromia State.

Provision of water animal fodder and veterinary treatments would be carried out through the project. Those who fail to handle their family will directly be assisted financially.

These emergency measures shall support already ongoing projects in order to maintain and guarantee their success. The project includes sustainable provision of drinkable water for over 4,000 households indicates a press release sent to The Ethiopian Herald by German Embassy in Ethiopia

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