Ethiopia: GERD Uplifts Ethiopians’ Spirit


It has been six years since the construction of The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), the eighth largest dam in the world has started. Some 57 per cent of the construction has already been completed so far. The construction of this unique and symbolic project is well in progress and is going on with more tenacity and vigour. The workers are doing their job very seriously day in and day out with more persistence and dynamism.

Likewise, Ethiopians from coast to coast including, the Diaspora have continued and intensified their full fledged support morally, financially and technically. More importantly, the Dam has become a symbol of unity and a sign of courage, pride, dignity and confidence amongst the public at large and amongst friends and allies of the Ethiopian people both at home and abroad. It has also created self-confidence and a tendency that everything is possible if people get their hands together for a good cause and hence it is possible to move the country forward, maintain national pride and dignity and protect national interest.

There are over ten thousand people working in three shifts day in and day inside a very harsh weather condition, which at times rises up to up to fifty degrees celsius. The Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples were able to overcome all possible financial and political obstacles as well as environmental cataclysms and impediments to pursue their agenda of building the largest dam in Africa. As a result, they decided to use and put their know how, skill, energy and resource for the construction of GERD. The contribution and collaboration of Ethiopians and Ethiopians in the Diaspora for the construction of the dam also continues to increase from time to time and the people who come from every corner to see for themselves the progress of the dam is simply unprecedented making it the most visited Dam in the world thus far.

As the Dam is now fifty seven percent completed, Ethiopians have started to see the light at the end of the road. Once completed, the dam will make significant contribution towards the overall betterment of lives and livelihoods of the public at large here at home and will also assist neighbouring countries by supplying energy with low cost.

In general GERD has now become symbol of greatness, dignity, self confidence and pride of the Ethiopian people. In fact, it has brought about uplifted and unifying spirit. It has become a way of life for Ethiopians. The public at large believes that the dam is their future and the future of their children and grand children. Therefore, they want to stand on guard for it and they are determined more than ever to continue supporting the construction of the dam in every way, shape or form until they see its completion.

Once completed, the dam will have a mesmerizing impact on the nation and abroad and Ethiopians will be proud of themselves and their accomplishment. Our ancestors made us proud among others by securing our sovereignty and by defeating and driving away foreign aggressors at the battle of Adwa. By doing so, they made history for themselves. Now, this generation has the opportunity to make history. Here is the chance of a life time that must not be missed and that everyone must continue supporting the construction of the dam in any way. It is therefore time for this generation to make history for themselves, their children and their grand children. It is now history in the making for all Ethiopians and friends and allies of Ethiopia. What a chance! What an opportunity! No one should let it go; everyone must act and must act right now.

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