Ethiopia: 'GERD Project Embraces Ethiopians As One Family' – Eng. Simegnew Bekele –

The construction is being carried out taking into consideration the social and environmental impacts of the dam.

As the saying ‘Yarns together can tie a lion’ goes, Ethiopians at home together with their brothers and sisters abroad are working hand in glove to realize the aspiration of the nation to join middle income economies by 2025.

Of all the imminent, the ongoing construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the Nile River is an iconic national project that embraces the fingerprints of all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia.

Since the announcement of the launching of the GERD project by the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi five years back, Ethiopians regardless of ethnic and religious age and economic status even friends of Ethiopian are actively taking part for its realization. Ethiopians are continuing their contributions in cash, lottery game, SMS text, and in other fund raising programmes.

Moreover, the construction of the Dam is underway around the clock. Thousands of workers at the GERD construction site are working to meet the time in a challenging topography and environmental condition.

In his enthusiastic explanation to visiting guests, GERD Project General Manager Eng. Simegnew Bekele said that the project is placed amicably in the hearts and minds of all Ethiopians. “The GERD brought together all Ethiopians as one family.”

Eng. Simegnew said that the project is on the right track to realizing nation’s move towards joining middle income economies.

According to him, during the previous regimes it was unthinkable to undertake development projects around border areas. There were chaos and civil war. Currently, it is a new era both for the people and the government of Ethiopia, he said.

GERD is not only for Ethiopia it is symbolic for fair utilization of the water resource among upper and lower riparian states, he said. For sure, it would also be an iconic project for the economic integration of African countries, as this integration is one of the aspirations of the African Union.

He said the construction is being carried out taking into consideration the social and environmental impacts of the dam.

Eng. Simegnew noted that nation’s policies and strategies have proven to be viable as the country has been registering successive economic growth and progressing in all sectors. He also called on the public to provide continued support for the grand project.

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