Ethiopia: GERD – Crystallizing Ethiopians' Unity –

Today, the 6th year anniversary of the commencement of the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam (GERD) is being celebrated at the construction site. Who could have imagined what shape GERD would take in six years time when the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi laid the surprising cornerstone? Today, the six year old Dam graces and fills Ethiopians with hope and triumph. Ethiopians from all walks of life, the Diaspora as well as friends of Ethiopia came forward with all they have to contribute for the Dam.

GERD is symbol of the new Ethiopia that its construction heralds and symbolizes this generation’s triumph over poverty. As Ethiopia is a country where one can find monumental heritages of generations, the Dam is a landmark and live testimonies of the elevated spirit of the present generations.

The move for GERD is one of the exemplary deeds of Ethiopians from all corners of the country and abroad as they bravely lit the torch of freedom for all black people of the world defeating the Italian colonial power at Adwa.

The shining victory of Adwa is one of the top world history accounts ever happened. As the baton has been handed down to generations, every generation has put its fingerprint. The winning spirit of Adwa has come up on GERD as all Ethiopians are marching and vigilantly watching its progress.

GERD is not only the brand development project but also a symbol of strong unity of Ethiopians that boldly demonstrate their wish and commitment to get rid of poverty. GERD is elevating the spirit of Ethiopians to fight poverty at whatever cost. The active engagement of Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia has proven the unshakable commitment and unity to accomplish the project.

To everyone’s surprise the support from here and abroad for the construction of the Dam is still afresh. The recently launched GERD Torch Tour across the country is the other version of Ethiopians’ determination that vividly crystallizes their unity.

Every Ethiopian is looking forward for the completion of the Dam. The construction is underway 24/7. The multi-purposed Dam project is shaping the new Ethiopia.

Above all, the GERD is a vehicle to country’s renaissance journey. Though there have been attempts to disrupt the project, Ethiopians have kept on building their towering project that stimulate country’s economy through supplying electricity. The ‘ ‘Yes We Can and No difference for the GERD’ are the winning spirits that reign.

The nations, nationalities, and people of Ethiopia have come to narrate the new version of journey over the last two decades and look forward with great hope for the realization of country’s renaissance.

What is more, GERD has created opportunity for the Diaspora to participate in the development of the country in an organized manner. It breaks the old scenario and changes the course of engagement. No one will come to stand unison for your country that strives to defeat poverty.

Your role and contribution is indispensable in promoting the changing image of the country. The experience and exposure in your host countries would offer a potential opportunity to your motherland.

Ethiopians are attesting for the rest of the world that associating Ethiopia with poverty will no longer be a valid proposition. The dirt of poverty will be washed away by handwork and determination.

GERD, one of the largest Dams in the world, is heralding the changing image of Ethiopia that the country becomes the source of inspiration for Africans and is at the forefront of advancing African causes.

GERD is instilling and advocating equitable and reasonable utilization of natural resources. It has also created a sense of cooperation and mutual understanding among the riparian countries.

Despite the rumors and negative comments by some pessimists, the construction of the dam has kept on crystallizing the unity of Nations , Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia since GERD is one of the commanding heights towards renaissance.

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