Ethiopia Forecasted to Be One of the Major Travel Destinations in 2015

Tayitu 14th

“Ethiopia is on its way toward becoming a major travel destination.” stated Travel Pulse, major global travel website. Travel Pulse mentioned the fast growth of Ethiopia’s Tourism and forecast on Wednesday (December 31, 2014). Travel Pulse stated “Though it has been hidden behind a veil for decades and is virtually unknown to the world, Ethiopia has major attractions for travelers.” Mentioning Ethiopian government efforts the report noted, “Ethiopia’s government has begun to make some good strategic moves towards bringing its attractions to the attention of the world.” The site referring Ethiopia’s achievements in the previous year and noting the National Tour Associations (NTA) recommendations said “Ethiopia itself, the mysterious East African country, so full of fascinating aspects.” Adding that “Even a short list of the reasons Ethiopia is interesting would be beyond the available time and space of this column.”

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