Ethiopia: Food Commodities Pipeline (as of 14 March 2018) – Ethiopia

by Zelalem

$50 million is required immediately to cover the cost of two rounds of assistance for 1.8 million beneficiaries in Somali region, including drought and conflict-affected families, up until when the incoming supplies will arrive.

Overall, the national food cluster pipeline is for 7.88 million beneficiaries in the 10 regions.
NDRMC will assist 4.6 million HRD beneficiaries through cash and food modality. In the first round, 1.7 million beneficiaries will be covered through food modality (cereals, CSB and Vegetable oil) but no pulses. The remaining 2.9 million beneficiaries in 5 regions will be assisted through cash transfers. Cereals and CSB that are expected to arrive in March, April and May will cover for needs for the 4.6 million beneficiaries in the second round. A pipeline break is expected in the third round.

The WFP pipeline for 1.8 million people (in Somali region) is secure for one round for cereals, pulses and oil . Shortfalls will start in the second round. WFP will assist 615,900 beneficiaries through cash transfer in Somali region (173,723 – HRD; 374,243 – PSNP PW and 67,928 – PSNP DS).

The JEOP pipeline for 1.5 million people is secure for six rounds, inclusive of commodities arriving between April and May/June.

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