Ethiopia focuses three stages of economic change

Lee Kasumba met with the Ethiopian Ambassador to South Africa before heading to the horn of Africa to get a feel of the country and what she should look out for.

Kasumba is on a journey across Africa with Standard Bank’s Africa Connected to discover just how easy it is to do business on the continent and to gain insights into Africa’s markets.

She says the ambassador told her since the country’s new prime minister, they have been trying to improve the economy. He explained the three stages to her.

The first state is through agriculture, the second one is through infrastructure and the third stage is in regards to privatisation.

Lee Kasumba, Radio and TV presenter broadcaster

Ethiopia currently has a million refugees and with the Refugee Day being on the 20th of June, he mentioned how they are going into a programme to integrate refugees who have been in 27 camps in Ethiopia and give them skills.

Lee Kasumba, Radio and TV presenter broadcaster

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Kasumba says the international airport in Addis Ababa is like a connection point because a lot of people travel out to Dubai.

It was interesting to see airlines from across the world at the airport and there was heavy traffic that we had to circle the air.

Lee Kasumba, Radio and TV presenter broadcaster

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