Ethiopia fears no military attack from Egypt, Meles Zenawi

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APA:  (Addis Ababa) Ethiopia announced on Tuesday that it has no fear for any military invasion or attack from Egypt due to the construction of the hydro-electric dam it recently launched on the Nile river, Ethiopian Premier Meles Zenawi made this statement in Parliament when asked by MPs about Africa’s biggest dam and its row with Egypt.

Meles pointed out that his country fears no military attack or invasion by Egypt.

“There is no risk of military invasion or attack by Egypt as some people are saying these days. There is no fear on the Ethiopian side,” said Meles.

He said that Egypt has been building its military over the past years to create fear for any activities over the Nile River, which originates from Ethiopia and is shared among nine African states.

“Our main strategy is to tell the Egyptian people that we-Ethiopia is not against their interest. We want the Egyptian people to understand that we have no agenda against Egypt,” said Meles.

Meles indicated that what worries Ethiopia is the indirect destructive measures undertaken by Egyptian officials by affiliating with Eritrea.


Meles zenawi

Meles mentioned Egyptian vice president General Omar Suleiman as someone who has a strong relation with Eritrean president Isayas Afewoky and is closely monitoring the situation in Ethiopia instead of the Egyptian foreign ministry.

Ethiopia started over the weekend the construction of Africa’s biggest dam over the Nile River, which will generate 5,250 MW with around €3.3 billion investments.

Ethiopian PM, who was hailed by the MPs for his effort for the dam, said that his country will fully finance the project due to the Egyptian propaganda not to get international loan for the project.

Egypt is reportedly sing its colonial era agreement with UK, which allows it to have a say over the Nile, to lobby against any loan for Ethiopia’s dam over the Nile River.

Egypt’s main agro and its socio economic activities mainly depend on the Nile river.

Meanwhile, many Ethiopians are expressing interest to support and buy bonds for the construction of the dam, which is expected to be finalized in the coming three and four years.

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Addis Samson April 6, 2011 - 5:43 pm

This is what bothers me about politicians. Egypt is still trying to come out of the biggest turmoil in its history. Economically, Mubarak’s 15 days stunt already cost them and arm and a leg. Their army is on life support from the US, that is getting increasingly broke and on the verge of government shutdown of itself, is still in a hand-to-mouth state and has very little money to spare in a very tight budget let alone to engage in military fantasy adventure that may require crossing one or two countries’ borders, very long supply lines in a very open desert terrain -which could be a target practice for Ethiopian planes – in other words, militarily speaking, it is a non-starter. Blame nature all you want but if you live in a desert, militarily it is the last place you want to find yourself in. Even in the rosiest scenario, Egypt is in a strategically vulnerable position to even think about any hostile move towards Ethiopia or anyone for that matter. The last time they went to war, it didn’t turn out well. Egypt is also accusing Ethiopia of long conspiracy with Israel connecting Felasha recruits in Israel military to Blue Nile and other long term strategies. Now in both countries politicians play it. In Ethiopia, Egypt’s military will be played up to garner support but the truth is Egypt has ZERO chance of even thinking about such a costly mistake. Similarly in Egypt fear is played there too by playing “Blue Nile is BLOCKED” and “we are doomed” strategy. Both exaggerate the issue as politicians often do. There is some truth in each case though. In Egypt’s case, the fear is that its water flow will be reduced. The simple answer is sure it will, at least initially, despite the dam helping them by reducing silt and evaporation. However, they are stupid to think that they will have a monopoly on the water forever, and that they never thought this day will never come. In Ethiopia’s claim that Egypt meddling in separatists of all the *LF movements (*fill in any combination of English alphabet), sure they would love to do that. At least the thinking would be to distract the central government’s attention if nothing else but I don’t think Egypt has any capacity beyond that.
So Meles is doing what he is supposed to do. All politics is local. He knows well that Projects like the Grand Millennium Dam and national security issues like Eritrea, Egypt and Ethiopian public distaste for any of the LF movements very very well. In all cases, he is siding with the public and believe it or not, it works because in any of the above issues most Ethiopians agree with the overall goal. But that is not the only thing he wanted, unfortunately. He bans protests – a big red flag! The thinking is to thwart the revolution that may come to Ethiopia at any cost. Personally I agree to all the things he said or done mentioned above including banning ANY organization that wants secession or a movement that is centered only around a certain ethnicity that creates wedge among Ethiopians. What I don’t agree is the ban of protests and genuine opposition that are truly ETHIOPIAN – no *LF or ethnicity or some 7th century tribal and clan party.
What could break this deadlock IMO is to use this opportunity to reach out to opposition and create a true democracy. It will happen the easy way, which has still a chance or the hard way which will happen. As I write this one dictator is about to be buried in Ivory Cost in his residence for refusing to give up power. I just don’t understand how thick their head gets once they assume power; they never get it – Enough.

Mexon April 7, 2011 - 6:22 pm

Perfect saying. Tnx

lawyer ab April 12, 2011 - 6:59 am

you are seeking your own Gate way to disturb the project the project and the politics are of different concerns if you are an Ethiopian you should think as you are don”t be selfish every thing will come to the right way we need the dam we are buying the bond and contributing as we can May God bless Ethiopia protect her from those evil minded LFs

tadele May 7, 2011 - 11:15 am

we all are proud of being ethiopians……….


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