Ethiopia Fact Sheet March 2017 – Ethiopia

by Zelalem


829,925 refugees registered in the country
38,434 refugees newly registered so far in 2017
20,515 refugees newly registered in March
44,453 unaccompanied and separated children


  • The Administration for Refugee and Returnee Affairs (ARRA) is UNHCR’s main government counterpart with which close cooperation is maintained to ensure the protection of refugees in Ethiopia.

  • UNHCR is fully engaged in coordination fora to mainstream the needs of refugees within humanitarian and national plans, including the UN Country Team, the Humanitarian Country Team, the Refugee Task Force, and donor, NGO and inter-agency meetings at the national, field and camp levels.

  • A total of 16,274 South Sudanese refugees were registered in Ethiopia during the reporting month, almost three times as many compared to the arrivals in February. 85% of them originate from the Upper Nile State, 14% from the Jonglei State and 1% from Unity State, siting conflict and food insecurity as the reason for their flight. UNHCR and ARRA, together with their partners, are finalizing plans to establish an additional camp in the Benishangul-Gumuz region.

  • Over 3,490 Eritrean and 583 Somali refugees were also registered in Ethiopia during the month, among others.

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