Ethiopia: Everyday Is Mothers’ Day

by Zelalem

(In remembrance of Mothers’ Day)

“I think therefore I am” I think this is one of the best philosophical thoughts of Descartes the philosopher. He used this term after doubting his existence and finally when he realized he was thinking Descartes believed his existence.

This piece is not about doubting my existence. It is not also about if I am thinking or not. It is all about me and my family. If Descartes had thought about his facsimiles, he may not need to philosophize about his existence. Our families are our existences. We are nothing without our families. No matter how a diverse array of view we have; no matter how foolish a given family member is, that person is part of a family. I don’t think there is anything strong as a family bondage.

When one thinks about families the role of mothers proves great. Mothers are pillars of their respective family. They are reasons behind our existence -physical as well as spiritual.

Despite the fact that family members have several differences their bondage is always strong. No matter what ideological or other differences, families are families. This strong bondage can not be striped of by any force in this world. Mothers have a key role in bringing families together.

This idea crossed my mind when I was reminded of this fact last week when May 14 was marked as “Mothers’ Day”. Well it is good to mark that particular day. But, don’t you think that everyday is mothers’ day? Starting from the time I came out of her womb till I go to my tomb I consider every day as mothers’ day. I know there are some Ethiopian fathers who act like a mother. Fathers of this nature have a sympathetic heart to their children. But for me, my mother is my everything.

Most Ethiopian mothers really prove pillars and foundations of their family. No matter how hard situations at home turn out to be; no matter how nonsensical their husbands are, Ethiopian mothers know the art of living. They have a special quality of living even in a harsh condition. They are not only a pillar to their family, Ethiopian mothers are psychologists, economists, best managers and best therapist of their children. Where there is a mother, there is a family. Where there is a loving mother there is chemistry among family members. Where there is a mother there is a strong bondage in that family. They are like cements that bind bricks with different size.

Like most developing countries, in Ethiopia, family is being built irrespective of ones economic condition. (I am not generalizing there are thousands of Ethiopians who are experts of family planning). This is common both in urban as well us rural areas.

There is a common belief that children are gifts of God. For that reason it is not difficult to find large- sized families having 9-12 children. However, despite the size and other economic constraints, Ethiopian families live lovingly under a roof. This is specially true whenever there is a strong mother or a mother like father in the family circle.

Here, I want to add one point. Given the scenario until recent times, despite the fact that fathers are the breadwinners of their family, it is mothers who carry all the burden. I know how my mother toiled to raise me up, in particular. Even now, even if a senior citizen, my mother is still the pillar of our family. Her role is immeasurable. Here, it sure is good to note that our country is our big Ma. We have to maintain its tranquillity, to show her the chemistry among her children, to lift her out of poverty, to shower her with our love, to make a selfless sacrifice on her behalf and let her embark on the road of Renaissance. I bow out raising my hut for all mothers.

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