Ethiopia: Drought Surge Once Again in Ethiopia

The national, Risk Management Commission reported the number of people who are in need of urgent assistance has reached 7.7 million. The number is 31pc higher compared to what it was six months ago. The country requires 742 million dollars to respond to the drought.

In the country’s mid-year humanitarian report released in December 2016, the individuals who need immediate assistance in Ethiopia were 5.6 million people. At that time, the humanitarian requirement to respond the drought was 948 million dollars.

Amongst them 40pc of the children are affected by malnutrition, nine percent of them are affected by dwarfism caused by malnutrition.

The drought which is currently affecting East Africa is the worst in the past 50 years, according to the Director of WFP in Ethiopia.

Recently, the Chinese government with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) gave humanitarian aids worth 183.7 million Br to different drought-affected areas in Ethiopia. The support will be provided to 227,000 children and women that are affected by malnutrition.

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