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by Selam

Ethiopian Spice Extraction PLC disclosed it is ready to commercialize animal feed and pesticide extracted from Abyssinian Mustard, which is commonly known as “Senafich” in Ethiopia. The new extract is said to have been named “Detoxicated and Defatted Ethiopian Mustard Mill” and it has a competitive leverage and potential to reduce protein deficiencies sustained in the livestock and poultry sector.

The company’s general manager, Feleke Sibhatu, explained that companies which extract and process oil out of Abyssinian mustard dump the expeller cake, which he explained his company will develop animal feed and pesticide from. Feleke, who is a chemical engineer and economist by profession, explained most oil crushing institutes in Ethiopia dumped 400,000 to 500,000 quintals of expeller cake every year.

Thus far, the byproduct has been labeled as toxic and anti-nutritional which is unessential, Feleke furthered. According to The Reporter, research team led by Feleke found the toxic nature of mustard cake can be processed and manufacture pesticides suitable for farmlands. The team is now progressing for large scale manufacturing in the near future.

The company’s product was also introduced during poutry sector meeting which was held last week. The alternative feed, which the company claims has 46 percent protein, received warm welcome by feed experts and poultry farm owners.

The company is currently undertaking measures to get patent rights over the 2 products.

Ethiopian Spice Extraction was privatized by the Ethiopian government 8 years ago and it is now one of the sister companies managed by Akalu Geleta.

Source: The Reporter

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