Ethiopia Changed Regulations & Reduce Quarantine Time for Travelers


Ethiopia Changed Regulations & Reduce Quarantine Time for Travelers

Addis Ababa, June 19, 2020 – Ethiopian Ministry of Health has announced today that the country has relaxed some of the regulations put in place by the government to fight the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

The Health Minister, Dr. Lia Tadesse has announced improvements on guidelines of the state of emergency decree declared in response to COVID 19 in several aspects.

According to the improvements, funeral ceremonies over COVID 19 deaths could be arranged by the community as per precautions set to prevent the spread of the virus.

Ethiopia Reduce The Time of Quarantine for Travelers

And families of the victims can arrange funerals before post mortem results are issued from clinical laboratories. But, the number of people allowed attending funeral remains fifteen, Health Minister, Dr. Liya said.

The improvement privileges people who test positive for the virus to have caregivers around them in treatment centers based on their preferences

Passengers from abroad who can bring test certificate of negative for COVID-19 are mandated to isolate themselves only to three days after they give samples and stay for 14 days at home before joining the community.

The previous mandatory quarantine days upon arrival from abroad are now reduced from 14 days to 7 days, according to improvements of regulations by the Ethiopian Ministry of Health.

Source: FanaBC

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