Ethiopia buying 200 tanks worth over $100 million from Ukraine

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KIEV: – Ukraine on Thursday agreed to a deal with Ethiopia for the supply of more than 200 tanks for over $100 million (800 million Ukrainian Hryvnas), UKRINFORM news agency reported.

Ukrspecexport SC, the Ukrainian state-controlled arms exporter, signed a contract with the Defense Ministry of Ethiopia for 200 T-72 tanks. This was one of the largest contracts signed by the weapons exporter over 15 years of operation.

The tanks are a relatively new type of military hardware. The T-72 is equipped with a modernized power plant, guided weapons and armor system. The T-72 tank was originally produced in the Soviet Union n the 1970’s. It was widely exported to many African, Asian and Middle Eastern states.T-72-tank-ethiopia-ukraine

Ukrspetsexport expects that the contract will have major economic and social impact. The implementation of if will improve the capacity of the Ukrainian businesses, create jobs and increase revenues.

Furthermore, the state-run arms dealer will receive orders for repairs and upgrades of the supplied tanks to Ethiopia in the future which will also benefit other Ukrainian companies.




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goban gergo June 14, 2011 - 3:37 pm

The tarrany buying 200 tanks while the people dies lack of money for bread . He think this wepoans will help him to stay on power. Why not to take from mammahr gaddafi (hi’s best friend) before go to stand with the Libay opposation groups.


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