Ethiopia busts terror suspects, says Eritrea involved in Oromia instability

by Zelalem

Ethiopia’s security forces on Wednesday announced the arrest and detention of two members of an outlawed group, Ginbot 7. The federal authorities said it took the vigilance and cooperation of the people of the Amhara region to arrest the suspects.

According to a statement by the Joint Anti-terrorism Task force, the unnamed persons were planning to carry out grenade attacks at public places in the capital of the Amhara regional state, Bahir Dar.

The police reported seizing four hand grenades which they say were to be used to disrupt a traditional and musical event and to target a bar and restaurant.

The state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate also said the task force blamed neighbouring Eritrea of plotting to spread instability in parts of the Oromia region to the northern Amhara region.

The Oromia region was the heartbeat of anti-government protests that hit Ethiopia in late 2015 through the better part of last year. The protests spread to the Amhara region leading to deaths after a violent security crackdown.

The widening protests led to the imposition of a six-month state of emergency in October 2016. It, however, lasted 10 months after the parliament voted an extension after the initial expiration in April this year. It was eventually lifted in August 2017.

Relations between the two countries remain tense with Ethiopia accusing Eritrea of being behind destabilization moves under the guise of anti-government protests. Asmara has repeatedly rubbished the claims.

They have also slammed Addis Ababa of illegally occupying their territory in flagrant violation of their sovereignty. Eritrea attained independence from Ethiopia in 1993 after an armed independence struggle which was backed by a United Nations referendum.

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