Ethiopia: Breathtaking Waterfalls of Ethiopia –

by Zelalem

If Ethiopia isn’t on your travel bucket list, then you have not heard about its unique massive waterfalls that earned the country fame around the world. The sparkling vision of a river gushing over a high precipice creates the best escaped you will treasure for life.

From the thundering rumble of the magnificent Blue Nile Falls to the elegant allure of Hot Springs and the Fentale Volcano.

It’s not a secret that not many things in nature are as fascinating as a waterfall. Begin exploring at Bishoftu (Debre Zeit) which you can find 22 minutes away from the capital city, Addis Ababa. The luxurious popular retreat offers breathtaking beaches and mountains generating unforgettable experiences. The site of the pure blue lake offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and the forest on the crater rim provides access to a great variety of birds and wildlife view. The 3000 meter high mount Zequala has a beautiful crater lake from below, allowing a view of the surrounding village from the top. Nearby natural wonders include Mount Yerer, Green Crater Lake and Lake Hora Kiloli. It is a beach town known for five crater lakes: Bishoftu, Hora, Koriftu, Green Crater and Cheleklaka.

Ethiopia has a wealth of exceptional landscape and admirable weather conditions which make it sophisticated. Bahir Dar has the bliss of the Blue Nile Falls (Abay). The Blue Nile, the longest river in Africa falls into a canyon to form one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the continent. The 150 feet high massive waterfall gush downward creating a cloud of vapor which is called Tisisat- (smoking fire). The four streams of the Blue Nile creates enormous waterfall. Lake Tana, the source of Blue Nile River which meets the White Nile River in neighboring Sudan supplying 85% of water to Great Nile River, forms a spectacular fall.

The exploration is just beginning; do not forget to stop by at Awash River which is full of wild animals park. From fairy waterfalls inside the park to colossal cascades in Awash gorge, these spectacular natural waterfalls are absolute musts. The main landscape feature of the park is the gorge carved by the Awash River. Drive to the nearby north of Harar Hot Springs and the Fentale Volcano famous for steam vents. The view of these epic beyond the ordinary powerful waterfalls will awe your adventure.

This fabled country has a lot to offer, you might have come just to visit the stunning waterfalls but do not be surprised when your eyes get busy with endemic wildlife who are always eventful hunting the daily meal. The special local dishes you will enjoy in between your exploration is an attraction in its own right. Truly, these waterfalls are one of the knockout places which will never get old offering a bunch of explorations; impressive enough to excite and inspire the most seasoned traveler.

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