Ethiopia, Botswana to Cooperate in Small, Medium Scale Industries

Ethiopia-Botswana-Industry-CooperationSeptember 3, 2017 – After visiting Ethiopian small and medium scale manufacturing industries, Reitumetse Aphiri, Executive Director for Investment Promotion at Botswana Investment and Trade Center, expressed desire to work in collaboration with Ethiopia in the development of small and medium scale manufacturing industries.  

According to the Ethiopian news agency report, the Executive Director has requested the support of the Ethiopian government in providing training for Botswanan experts and helping the country for the development of the sector and expansion of industries.

She also invited companies engaged in Ethiopia in the manufacturing sector to take part in the international exhibition to be held in Botswana in October.As the manufacturing industry in Botswana is at lower stage, the country is forced import commodities for daily consumption including food, alcohol and chemical products, she said.

Contrary to that, the Executive Director said that she has witnessed small and medium sized industries in Ethiopia have supplied products to local and global market. The Executive Director added that Ethiopia’s accomplishment in the sector is exemplary to other African countries.

She promised to learn from best practices of Ethiopia so as to encourage companies to engage in the sector and facilitate the situation for companies from Ethiopia to export their products to Botswana.

Asfaw Abebe, Director General of the Ethiopian Federal Small and Medium Manufacturing Industries Development Agency, said on his part that it is possible for Africans to bring change through collaboration.

Source:- Ethiopian News Agency

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