Ethiopia blames Eritrea for disturbance at embassy in US

by Zelalem


Aren’t hooliganism and peaceful protest two different things?

Every Ethiopian is well aware that Weyane and its Trojan Horses have been screwing Ethiopia in broad day light since 1991.

Why do some participants write off Ethiopians as just either Pro-Weyane/Anti-Weyane or Pro-Derg/Anti-Derg? Why and how is that the bench-mark for Ethiopians?

Should anyone join Mengistu (Butcher of the Millennium), Berhanu (Opportunist of the Millennium), EPRP-1/2/3…, Meison, EDU, etc. just for the sake of opposing Weyane?

What about Nationalist Ethiopians who stand for Ethiopia rain or shine? The embassy incident in DC is not a Pro-Weyane or Anti-Weyane crap! It’s a question of the violation of Ethiopia’s National Emblem (regardless of the resident Trojan Horses)!

An Embassy is a Sovereign Territory where the law of that country applies. The same holds on board National Carriers like the Ethiopian Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways, etc.! Why didn’t the British storm the Ecuadorian Embassy to arrest Julian Assange?

If Ethiopians were furious when Meles and Isayas called the Ethiopian flag a piece of rag (and trampled it under their feet), why would any Ethiopian condone the violation of the Ethiopian Embassy in DC (regardless of the infamous tenants)?

Well, Meles and Isayas were never meant to set foot on Ethiopian soil let alone occupy Ethiopia and even desecrate Ethiopia’s flag. Yet, they did it thanks to Mengistu and his dogs!

All Meles and Isayas deserved was their ‘Eritrea’ and ‘Tigray’ for which they bled Ethiopia bone-dry for over 3 decades (with Egypt’s unwavering support).

If Ethiopian Americans have issues with any government in Ethiopia, all they have to do is notify their respective congressmen and senators and/or hold peaceful demonstrations in a civilized manner at a safe distance from the Ethiopian Embassy.

When the OLF and Weyane/Shabia orchestrated the Bedeno Massacre, Ethiopians in North America organized a uniform letter petition campaign and faxed them to senators and congressmen. Those barbarians never attempted a massacre of that scale ever since!

Why call others names just to win your arguments? Why not present your views in a civilized manner than try to stifle the opinions of others? What image of yourselves do you project to the world?

Remember, you can’t demand for the rule of law while violating the law yourself! You can’t preach democracy while trampling it under your feet yourself! You can’t have it both ways!

Would you please SHOW that you are responsible and rational human beings!

So long!

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