Ethiopia: Azerbajan, Ethiopia Promoting Amicable Ties

Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson said that his nation is committed to lay strong foundation to bolster its overall bilateral and multilateral relations with Ethiopia. He made the remark during a recent exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald.

Spokesperson Hikmet Hajiyev said Ethiopia and Azerbaijan have similar culture and civilization. “Ethiopia is one of the oldest birthplace of human civilization, art and development which made it akin with Azerbaijan.”

In-terms of strengthening bilateral ties, he noted that Azerbaijan has a strong will to have an increased experience sharing. For instance, Azerbaijan is keen on drawing best practices of Ethiopia in the areas of tourism, agriculture, mining industry and the like, he added.

According to Hajiyev, the two countries are working to have extraordinary ties in all aspects, particularly in education.

As to cementing ties, he said the two countries would soon lay down strong foundation through political dialogues. “We believe that there are ample opportunities in trade and economic relations between the two countries. That is why we both are interested in organizing joint business forums in tourism, energy and mining.”

Commending the ongoing development in Ethiopia, Hajiyev said : ” In every occasion when you see Ethiopia, you don’t observe the same city as there had been before. There is such a tremendous and dynamic development in Ethiopia which is the result of the steadfast and dedicated efforts of the Ethiopian government and its people.”

The spokesperson told this reporter that his country decided to open its embassy here in 2015 due to the strategical location of Ethiopia and its amicable, and irreplaceable roles in Africa and the world.

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