Ethiopia and Thailand Celebrate Fifty Years of Diplomatic Relations

Commemoration of the 50th year of diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and Thailand was celebrated with Ethiopian music and Thai cultural performances at the Ethiopian National Theater on Monday (November 24).

There were performances by a cultural troupe from Thailand and cultural music from an Ethiopian orchestra. The show will help to promote mutual understanding between the two countries and peoples. State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dewano Kedir, expressed his congratulations for the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and Thailand. He appreciated the close partnership the two countries enjoyed and emphasized the importance of strengthening cooperation between the two countries in the future. He said Ethiopia and Thailand had the potential to cooperated in sectors like tourism, trade, manufacturing, agriculture and education.

The State Minister welcomed the decision of the Thai government to re-open its embassy in Addis Ababa, not least because Addis Ababa was the seat of the African Union and could be considered the diplomatic capital of Africa. The non-resident Ambassador of Thailand to Ethiopia, Ambassador Peerasak Chantauarin, noted that the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Kingdom of Thailand had shared close and cordial relations in the past due to the unwavering commitment of both governments to strengthen their partnership and exchange information on their respective culture, values and way of life. The Ambassador emphasized the commitments to open embassies in their respective capitals, exchange more visits at government and business level, promote more trade, investment and people-to-people links, and, indeed, join hands in different areas of development.

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