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Chauvinism and parochialism are two outlooks with inherent characteristics that cannot and do not coexist in one area. So much is the hatred that exists between them that they wait for the opportunity to destroy one another. Close-minded hatred and rejection of diversity is the characteristics of both outlooks. As the saying goes, ‘the end justifies the means’; creating conflict between people is their day to day work in order to seize power.

These two outlooks, who are found to be the main hindrances to our path to renaissance, are currently putting in a life and death fight to hold back the rapid economic development Ethiopia has been recording and to trap the country in a poverty pit by coordinating forces of malice under their wings.

As it is known, chauvinistic and parochial forces more than anything vehemently hates diversity of language, culture and identity. The forces of chauvinism believe that their ethnic group is the supreme one; their language and culture to be unique and more than others; and they also believe that are the chosen ones to rule over the others. On the other hand, the outlook considers other ethnicities and citizens as ordinary and average created to be led and not to lead, and considers their language, culture and identity as less. They do not accept the sovereign power of the people. Thus, there is no stone left unturned by it to disregard diversity and impose its own beliefs, language and culture on others.

And if this does not materialize, the outlook is willing to see the country destroyed. It does not accept democratic unity and nationalism, and is concerned about territorial unity rather than unity of people. It is an anti-people outlook that longs for mountains and rivers rather than the people.

The outlook that stands in the direct opposite to this is an outlook that sees everything from the perspective of its own self, and finds difficult to stomach a coexistence of diverse people based on tolerance. As this outlook is bound within the shackles of narrowism, it preaches for other ethnicity other than itself to be kicked out and for their languages not to be spoken. This parochial force does not limit itself by preaching alone. It preaches to the members of its ethnicity to see others in suspicion and hatred, and to attack them if the situation becomes opportune to do so. It does not accept a democratic unity that is based on equality. It tries to discount other people by opposing democratic nationalism – whether it is successful or not.

So, these two outlooks that are bitter enemy of democratic nationalism and that can’t possibly work in a country like Ethiopia, where there are diverse languages, ethnicity and religions, are standing as an obstacle and hindrance to our peace and development. So, I think the doors to these malicious outlooks should be closed down.

The chauvinist force Ginbot 7 and the parochial force OLF have been relentlessly working to destroy Ethiopia and hinder its rapid development for the past year through terror and other related works with the backing of the Eritrean government. Although this all have been foiled by Ethiopian and the brave Ethiopian army.

The self-proclaimed Ginbot 7; a chauvinist force that is all about terror and being an enemy of diversity, doesn’t accept language and religious equality, profits under the name of a single ethnic group and is an enemy of all nations and nationalities. It plan and works to create terror and unrest in order to quench its chauvinistic obsession and undertake the mission of the Asmara regime and other countries that want to see Ethiopia entrapped in poverty.

In order to quench its boundless obsession of power, it not only disseminates poisonous information that can create rift between various people leading to destruction, it also believes that it can seize government power through such acts – the chauvinist Ginbot 7. It is known that the organization is also an arrogant group that go far just to deny obvious truths.

And the parochial outlook that stand in the complete opposite to this is led by a group called OLF, which is a sinister organization that has been profiting in the name of the people of Oromia and have the Eritrea government as its chief sponsor. The group is also a collection of terrorists that believe and work day and night to take away Oromia from the rest of Ethiopia and create a new country.

Disseminating hateful and poisonous message to put a distorted image that paints the wrong things previous elites did on the people as the working of an entire ethnicity and causing rift between various people is its unchanging and unflinching vision. This is why – the group is heard always preaching to exile one group of people from the region.

The other entity that is mentioned in relation to parochial force is a lackey to Egypt’s government institutions called Jawar Mohammed. The level of narrowism of Jawar reaches the point of preaching to hit people with machetes. This individual has worked to create disturbance in our country by establishing a network called OMN with the money backing of anti-Ethiopia forces.

This has led for many innocent people to die in vain. He has ignited unrest and disturbance by manipulating the poor children of Oromo and the young people. He has also tried to exacerbate the situation to see his objective getting met.

These forces who we have seen their difference so far in this article are currently in honeymoon of sorts after getting a situation that links them firmly. As I have tried to mention above, although chauvinism and parochialism are two of a kind, they will point their fingers at each other as they cannot work in unison.

And this problem of overtly criticizing each other hinders them from existing in our great country of diversity, either in unity or separately. After trying to disturb our country together by creating a temporary friendship in the vein of ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’, they have soon started to point their fingers at each other. Nevertheless, as this can throw our country into a pit of unrest, I believe that these forces should be stopped.

Although the forces of chauvinism and parochialism seemingly agreed for some time, their togetherness is short lived as they cannot work together. These forces can in no way benefit our country’s nation, nationalities and people. And their objectives can in any way benefit Ethiopia – except for filling the money vault of the chauvinist and parochial forces. As their aim is to create Ethiopia which has no peace, its development hindered and entrapped in poverty, every citizen should fight these people.

As the path of these forces of destruction is one of unrest rather than peace, one of poverty rather than development, one of slavery rather than freedom, and undemocratic behavior rather than democratic nationalism, we should fight them and condemn their thinking. By doing this, we not only support the second development plan to succeed, we should also know that the future success of our country lies in peace and stability. So I say everyone should shut the door on chauvinistic and parochial thinking.

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