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Kotebe College of Teacher Education was set up within the Haile Selassie I University (HSIU) in 1959 under the simple name College. In July 1968, the University, the Ministry of Education and UNESCO reached an agreement to phase the junior secondary teacher training programme of the University. Thus, the College got detached from HSIU in 1969 and joined currently known as Addis Ababa Technical and Vocational College where it came to be known as Teacher Training College. Later the name was changed to Addis Ababa College of Teacher Education. In 1976, the College was transferred to the present site and got its name, Kotebe College of Teacher Education. This paragraph is an excerpt from

It is crystal clear that more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas ranging from mid-size cities to mega-agglomerations, and the number of city dwellers worldwide keeps rising. Many factors that affect competitiveness, such as infrastructure, educational and research institutions, or the quality of public administration, are under the purview of cities. Yet while some cities are successful in attracting investment and expertise, and ensuring prosperity and good public services for their citizens, Addis Ababa, among these, is grappling with challenges such as large-scale influx of people or the inability to provide basic services, jobs or housing.

The federal government employs a substantial workforce, most of which make an influx from surrounding areas.

The smokeless industry attracts many visitors to touristic spots and museums. The city, showcasing a boom in infrastructure, is becoming one of the tourist magnets. Its landmarks and museums are used as tourist attractions.

The City is also on top of the most important urban centres among African cities in terms of its busiest airport, emerging economy, investment flow, entertainment, and cultural growth rate. Thousands of international corporations make their headquarters here. Large numbers of migrants make the city home to many ethnic and racial diversity.

Now, Addis Ababa is endowed with another facility while Kotebe University College has been recently upgraded to a Metropolitan University. The city council approved all the technical and material support while the university is operating all extremes to ensure the aspiration.

Without further ado, Metropolitan Cities are expected to address the emerging demands of residents, strengthen institutions, develop new responses to the pressing educational, economic, and social issues.

Addis Ababa with a population of more than 4 million residents linked with suburban areas, and seat of the African Union and of a variety of international organizations as well as resident of various nations and nationalities.

During the transformation to Metropolitan University, The Ethiopian Herald had approached University President Dr. Berhanemeskel Tena to discuss on the scope and position as well as the efforts made on human capital development.

Dr. Berhanemeskel Tena told this reporter “I am deeply grateful to the whole members and all stakes who exerted ceaseless efforts for the success story so far. Kotebe has been one of the prestigious universities with high quality brand in education and sport. It has worldwide experience in that major international cities had established Metropolitan university, London, Budapest, Manchester, Boston and Prague among others.

Well organized task-force is operating to collect experiences that could assist the university shape programme contents.

According to Berhanemeskel, the city administration introduces new master plan to possess its own Metropolitan University. Thus, the University will have many colleges which could fit with the city’s development demand.

Our door is open to whoever would like to join us from international platform. He praised former and current students, and wanted to kindle desire of fellow academics and citizens to join in fund raising, research, and laboratory and library equipment support.

The city administration has showed immense support to address its budget and technical demand. The Metropolitan University needs new edifices and instructors. It as well needs well crafting programmes that could fine-tune with the city’s development efforts.

“Challenges posed have created mentality among administrators that almost any problem faced by the city should be solved by well organized approaches of academics.”

The prime focus would be educational programmee sport and additionally urban development with high quality and quantity. Upgrading Kotebe University to Metropolitan University is believed to immensly assist capital human development gaps in selected areas.

Addis Ababa Education Bureau Deputy Head Hailesilase Fisha for his part said Addis Ababa is among the fastest growing urban areas in the world. It should come up with well trained human capital that could address the gaps in various sectors. The Bureau is committed to providing the response for public inquiry as well as for former and current students.

There is a stand and common understanding that Metropolitan University should support the affairs of respective city. The growing demand for skilled human power should be framed in line with the city standard. The gaps and shortfalls in performances should be addressed by an autonomous power or duty of the university that will discharge responsibilities in education, sport and the newly added urban development programmes.

Addis Ababa Public Service and Human Resource Development Bureau Head Yisahak Girmay for his part said, “We are looking for new ideas to enhance service delivery, sustainable transport and energy, resilience to natural disasters and climate change, and harmonious urban environments.”

The Metropolitan University is expected to bar the emerging threats. As well scale up good performance across the board.

According to Yisahak, contemporary issues such as entrepreneurship and land management, procurement and finance, and land information would be some of the focus areas.

“I hope the Metropolitan University would play vital role in training human capital in this regard.” In a bid to make Addis Ababa City suitable for work and residence, colossal efforts have been so far made as it is the capital and the hub of the political, economical and cultural centre of the nation as well as the continent. Various measures have also been practiced by the city Council. Designing new structure and amending the master plan are included among others.

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