Ethiopia: A Nation With Interfaith Harmony – Religious Leaders, Theologians

by Zelalem

Theologians and religious leaders from different countries said that Ethiopia is a model nation in terms of peaceful coexistence and harmony among followers of different religions since ancient times.

The leaders came to the country to attend the Interfaith Harmony Week recently held at the African Union.

Speaking to The Ethiopian Herald Daryl Anderson, an American Theologian and an attendee in the conference, said that unity among religions is paramount importance to live in harmony among different religions and to promote peace and tolerance to human kind.

The Theologian, who studied Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other religions, underlined that all faiths have common stances of upholding unity, love, compassion peace and cooperation. Hence, he emphasized, religious institutions and their leaders should enhance mutual understanding and need to foster intra and inter-religious harmony through creating open dialogue platforms.

Taking Ethiopia’s experience he said that there is an amazing unity and harmony among religions in the country and this should be well promoted across all nations in the world. He said “The fact that over 80 languages, with diverse faith, culture and background live in harmony makes Ethiopia an ideal example to the rest of the world.”

Recalling his two days visit of Lalibella, he said Ethiopia has many ancient religious places that have ample tourism potential. He further mentioned “The tradition, culture, religious harmony and all the tradition in the nation show amazing scene to anyone who happened to visit the place.”

Allaudin Allinger Universal Sufism Representative from USA said on his part that Ethiopia is a wonderful place with great strength that emanates from the oldest deep culture and diversity. “Beyond these, the Rock Hewn churches which I visited along with the crew were amazing too.”

He further expressed that Ethiopia is a special place that has potential to be an exemplary to the world in its long established peaceful and harmonious coexistence among different religions.

The nation, according to him, is also a country where the different religious institutions are highly working jointly for the good of humanity.

Phramaha Boonchuay Doojai, a Buddhist Monk from Thailand said on his part that there needs to be interfaith cooperation among all religions of the world like the exemplary cooperation seen among diverse religions of Ethiopia to promote peace and harmony towards human dignity.

The Monk further noted that globally, cooperation between and among religious institutions need to be further promoted to build mutual understanding among different religious beliefs like Ethiopia’s experience.

According to the information from the Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia, the country since the establishment of the Council some seven years back has played a role to open platforms and enhance inter-faith dialogues to promote harmony among diverse religions.

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