ETC CEO resigns on threshold of French take-over

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Amare Amsalu,  Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the state-owned telecom provider Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (ETC) has resigned from his position as per September 15, 2010 Capital has learned.
France Telecom, the French based telecom company has recently got a contract agreement with ETC to take over the management for the next four years to modernize the state-owned company.
The official hand over of the management to French is expected to take place this month. According to information obtained from officials at the ETC, the Ethiopian management team will also be part of the France Telecom-led management team. For this new management system ETC is selecting new managers from its own members of staff and other organizations.

Amare amsalu

Amare amsalu

The new management staff of ETC is expected to get a CEO from another organization, according to a source. The new ETC director will work closely with the France Telecom CEO. However, the source did not specify, who will come and from where.
An official at ETC told Capital that, according to the plan, the new management that will work with the French side will soon be assigned but he couldn’t say anything about a new CEO. “It is in a too early stage to say anything about appointments” the official explained.
Amare has served about four years as head of ETC. He replaced the previous CEO, Tesfaye Birru, who is now in jail for corruption charges in connection with the purchase of telecommunication equipment.

Source: Capital

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