ESAT News in Amharic 31 July 2012 Ethiopia

ESAT News 31 July 2012 Ethiopia Meles Zenawi is dead says that ICG but it is not official reportes. Crisis Group denies media reportes – Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) ESAT is the first independent Ethiopian Satellite Television service and Radio Station who broadcast to Ethiopia and the rest of the world.

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  1. Shame on you, ESAT. We’re not stupid yesterday you told us that you said as Abebe Gelaw says Meles Zenawi is Dead and Abebe got the information from ICG now you tell us that ICG didn’t tell you but you got that confidential information from the person who work as a security guard for ICG ……..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. ምነው የኢሳት ሰበር ዜና አላልቅ አለ እባካችሁ ይህ የስደተኛ ምኞታችሁን እዛው ለመሰሎቻችሁና ዲሲ ዙሪያ ላሉ አውሩላቸው፡፡ ጠ/ሚር መለስ ቢሞቱም እንኳን ስርዓት ገንብተውና ታሪክ ሰርተው ነው የሞቱት፡፡ ስርዓቱ በህገመንግስታዊ ስልጣኑ ይቀጥላል፡፡ የአገርቤት ወሬ አትሰሙም እንዴ ህዝቡ ህገመንግስታዊ ስልጣን ካለው የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት በስተቀር ከማንም ምንም መስማት አይፈልግም፡፡ ኢሳት በሉ ኤርትራ ቲቪ ማንንም!!! ነቄ ብሏል፡፡ ሲመች ኢትዮጵያ ሳይመች ደግሞ ከነዘርማንዘራችሁ አሜሪካ የምትሉ ስግብግቦችን ማንም አይፈልግም፡፡ ምንም ራዕይ ብሎ ነገር የሌላችሁ ናችሁ!! የ97ን ሽወዳ ማንም አይፈልግም፡፡ ለእናንተ ስልጣን ማመቻቻ አገርቤት ቢተረማመስ ጉዳያችሁ እንዳይደለ በሰሞኑ ሰበር ዜናዎቻችሁ ሰምተናል፡፡

  3. I think ESAT moderators have no any experience in journalism and political knowledge therefore
    preached hatred. there is no constructive topics, on the contrary.Therefore we do not develop further. I am sorry!

  4. Hahaha bye bye ESAT.
    Wushet atabzu teblachu neber na awuhn tezega malet new………….

  5. It is better to say ” meles zenawi clinically dead”
    This is the fate for tyrannies ,they have no funeral ceremony

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