ESAT news analysis 07 May 2012

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ESAT ethiopia news analysis 07 May 2012.
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neck026bid545 May 8, 2012 - 5:32 am

Woyane commited very unbelievable & inhuman genocide against Gonder, wolkait- Tsegede, people. This has been unmentioned and didn’t get media coverage even among we Ethiopians. GONDER BAGORESE EJUN TENEKESE. When Tigray people was in hunger in 1977, Gonder helped genouresly even by given shelter & land to the hunger chigaram Tigray people. You guys don’t even give interview to Ex-woyane killers, like Eseye , Asrat & Aregawi. Don’t ever trust any Tigre- woyane. I know them very well- Mekelle!!!!


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