Election Board Fixes Deadline for Udj, Aeup to Settle Differences

Tayitu 14th

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia fixed a deadline to the two parties namely–Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) and All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) to settle their differences and disagreements by January 11, 2015.

Board Chairperson with the rank of Minister, Professor Merga Bekana, told journalists here Tuesday that each of these parties has not presented their nominees for the upcoming election due to the disagreements that have been created among the leaders.

The Board had given the two parties a week’s time to settle their differences through discussion and according to the provisions of the law last Dec 19, 2014, but nothing came out of the discussions to date, according to Professor Merga.

Professor Merga said that the parties have selected their leaders with out convening a general assembly which is a violation of their own bylaws and Board regulations. Professor Merga noted that the AEUP had held its general assembly with out the presence of the Board as the party changed the set day of the assembly. Some of the leaders were elected after they left the party and this is against the party’s bylaws.

Professor Merga also said that as the parties have registered their emblems and nominees in a short period of time, the Board has called an emergency general assembly to discuss the aforementioned issues. The assembly has thus decided to fix a deadline for January 11, 2015 for the parties to come up with the solutions and be able to take part in the upcoming election.

It was learnt that there are 60 political parties that are ready to run in the upcoming election.

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