Egypt to form committee tasked with protecting Egypt’s right on Nile

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Sources at the Ministry of Irrigation have called for the establishment of a
legal committee mandated with “preserving Egypt’s historical right to
Nile water” and “restoring Egypt’s leading role in the Nile Basin.”

The same sources warned that Ethiopia planned to build four new dams on the
Nile in addition to the planned Tekeze Dam (which will store up to 30
billion cubic meters of water) and the Border Dam (which will store 14

Nile river in Egypt

Nile river in Egypt

billion cubic meters of water). These new dams, the sources warned,
could constitute a threat to Egypt’s water security.

Thesources also said that the ministry’s Nile water department had “no
information” about these proposed projects except what it had read in
the newspapers. “This means that Egypt has failed in handling this
file,” sources said.
Thesame sources also called for stepped-up cooperation with Ethiopia and
the new nation of South Sudan in regard to water projects.

Any new agreement having to do with Nile water quotas must be ratified by
at least six Nile Basin states in order to be considered internationally binding.


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moke May 18, 2011 - 5:20 am

up to what ethiopian army ready to defend egyptian army,if things are change?


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