EEPCo gets high-voltage mobile substation

by ocean

Reporter: By Hayal Alemayehu

A high-voltage mobile substation purchased by Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo), the first of its type, was delivered here on Tuesday. The mobile substation, which allows EEPCo to renew or substitute outdated substations in the country without interrupting the electric supply from those stations by temporarily replacing them with the mobile station, was supplied by El Sewedy Cables Ethiopia, a subsidiary of El Sewedy Group.

El Sewedy delivered the substation to EEPCo as part of the 71 million euros project whose contract the utility awarded to the Egyptian company one year ago, according to Shiferaw Telila, EEPCo’s National Electricity Supply Program executive.

Ethiopian electric Mobile substationParts of the mobile substation were manufactured by the German-based SIEMEN while the body was assembled in Italy, according to Ibrahim Qamar (Eng.), country representative of El Sewedy Cables Ethiopia.

Being a major supplier of products and services to EEPCo, El Sewedy is currently installing and renewing eighteen substations in nine sites in Gefersa, Kality, Melka Wakena, Ramo, Gode, Shakiso, Finote Selam, Harrar and Fik.

EEPCo imported the mobile substation to install new substations and renew some of the substations without interrupting the power supply from these substations.

Initiated about a year ago, the project is expected to be completed next year.

The project will, in particular, enhance the capacity of the substations at Gefersa and Kality, which supply electricity to Addis, by two-fold and three-fold, respectively.

El Sewedy Group had, about one year ago, built a cable factory—El Sewedy Cables Ethiopia–with an outlay of some USD 60 million. The factory was installed at Dukem, some 35 km south-east of Addis.

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yoftahe January 8, 2011 - 3:26 pm

Good until tyhey sell it like telecomunication corporation for europian companies! Ethiopian air lines and addis ababa university is also in the process of selling to europian capitalists! Woyane doing a mafiea bissness in the cost of ethiopian people blood 🙁

Dagim February 10, 2012 - 12:39 pm

It is very intrsting to do so. There is a big problem in EEPCO that persists for years. There is no placment of position by merit or good experience or genuin personality. Now EEPCO is with out a deputy manager who is i think in charge of accomplishing this task. If you ask LEGESE DABESSA to do it he will respond you “We first must know the history” …. If you explain the History, he will surely ask yoy “who wrote the histry? i dont believe the creater” If you convience him he will certainly come up with a big photocopied document saying that “He is Mr Jhon who invent it. Why not you consult me?? Partially it is my invention” SO how can things going in the right way in EEPCO????? Please put the approprait person there. EEPCO is such a big company


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