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The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) possesses an invaluable and multi-faceted values and benefits to the peoples of Ethiopia. We may categorize those values and benefits in economic, social and political terms. The economic values are magnanimous. GERD can generate immense amount of hydro-power that can be sold here at home to each villages, towns and cities and abroad to different countries and hence can generate billions of dollars in hard currency and in Birr. This can be used in building infrastructures that help develop our nation and improve the lives and livelihoods of our people.

The social benefit of GERD is equally important as well. First and foremost, it will lighten up our villages, towns and cities and bring about joy and jubilation to our people. The power can also help our educational institutions apply enhanced and reinforced satellite assisted educational system, audio-video educational learning and training, computer and technology assisted educational and knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing both from within and abroad. It can also strengthen and augment research in science, medicine, technology, agriculture, environment and other related fields. Further, it can help our health centres, hospitals and clinics perform their duties and responsibilities smoothly, effectively and efficiently with no interruption due to lack of constant power outage.

It is important to underscore the political values as well. The Dam is a source of pride to Ethiopians. It has huge political leverage and political ramification as well. Our people will be proud of their achievements knowing that they can accomplish such a gigantic and magnanimous project that has invaluable political impact. The nation will stand tall and proud knowing that it can build grand and mega projects and that many may not think or believe that a developing nation like Ethiopia would accomplish a mega-project that will last for generations. This can bring about joy to Ethiopians and give us confidence to build other greater projects of international standard as well. This in turn will enhance our bilateral and multi-lateral diplomatic relations. The nation can also be seen as more powerful in all aspects including politics because of the power and the finance generated from the dam. This would enable the nation to play its own roles on international forums.

Generally, the values and benefits GERD can bring to our people and nation is simply immense and highly productive. It will move the country forward. It will improve the lives and livelihoods of our people and our nation. It will make our people and our nation very proud. Therefore, it is our pride, our destiny and the destiny of our generation, the young generation and the future generation as well. Therefore, we must all stand on guard for it. Protect and safeguard it because it is our life.

Our ancestors protected and kept our country free and safe and they made history for themselves, their children and grand children. Our generation fought against aristocratic and dictatorial regimes, made enormous sacrifices, tens of thousands lost their precious lives and tens of thousands injured to keep this country free and safe by building democratic institutions and hence safeguard freedom, peace and security. They too made history for themselves and for their children. This generation has the chance to make history as wel. Here comes the chance, a chance of a life time. This generation can make history by doing the right thing and by not missing a chance of a life time. They can be heroes and heroines by doing everything they can to complete this grand national project. This generation is very lucky. They are seeing light at the end of the tunnel and it is nearing completion for the dream to be a reality. There is no turning back, there is only one way of doing it. To finish it once and for all by contributing financially, professionally and morally to the construction of the dam to see the dreams come true. No one should miss this once in a life time chance.

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