East Africa: Ethiopia Will Remain Committed to Its Own, Regional Peace

by Zelalem

The official visits paid by the foreign affairs ministers of Russia, United States of America and the United Arab Emirates were among the biggest events that made the news locally and abroad.

Though the convergence of these high level delegations from prominent countries of the world have added to the significance of the issue, such official visits are not new or rate to the country. Ethiopia frequently hosts such visits from various nations on bilateral and regional or continental issues.

The basic reasons for these are the nation’s policy and strategy on foreign affairs and national security. In these, the policy’s and strategy’s basic principles which comprises their foundations attracted many countries of the world. Ethiopia has prioritized democratic system development, national pride and prestige with globalization in the policy. And it focuses on the global mutual benefit that opened the get of relation to all nations.

Consequently, regional peace and security was one of the top issues of discussion during the recent visits of foreign affairs’ ministers of the three countries to Ethiopia. In deed Ethiopia has been strong ally of nations in the protection of peace and security not only in the region but also throughout the globe.

Ethiopia started its active involvement in the global community’s efforts of ensuring peace by deploying contingents to the Far East during the war between North and South Koreas. Its contribution continued to the Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Liberia and various provinces of North and South Sudan as well as Somalia.

Its peace-keeping contingents have also discharged their responsibilities with utmost discipline and alacrity. In addition to the peace-keeping contingents the government through different times have also involved actively in brokering peace and security.

All its strength and commitment it showed in the past have won it due trust from the world both in the government’s as well as people’s love of peace and stability as well as its capacity to secure itself as well as the region.

It is unarguable that the coming of the ministers of the three countries at one time might have created queries among people as to the real reason behind. But to any one’s surprise at a time when the country has declared State of Emergency (SoE), which prompts some countries to issue travel warrant to their citizens the leaders of the countries have not refrained from traveling to the country.

The courage and trust of the officials to travel to the country witnesses their confidence on the country’s ability to maintain peace and stability at a time of challenge.

In recent month’s Ethiopia is experiencing unrest in some parts of it. The unrest which flare up sporadically have prompted the government to declare state of emergency in order to durably settle them and ensure the continuation of peace, stability and development in the country.

Following the declaration of the SoE, various reports indicate the improvement of peace while some efforts of seeking peace and stability are required to fully restitute the situation.

With the joint and unreserved efforts of the people and government, the country will surely solve its current problems and Ethiopia will continue with its unreserved efforts to contribute to the peace, stability and forward progress.

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