Doctors restore vision of 23-yr-old Ethiopian woman

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MUMBAI: Till a week ago, Sisay, an Ethiopian native, did not know how the world looked. The 23-year-old , who was blind since birth, can now see, thanks to a group of city doctors. Sisay, who lived with her family in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, had cataracts in both her eyes since birth. However, help arrived in the form of a group of Indian ophthalmologists who were in Ethiopia to screen patients. Dr Mukund Mehta, managing director of Eyekare Kilitch, an ophthalmic pharmaceutical company, said, “We found that the lens of the eye as well as the vitreous jelly in her eyes were opaque. The light couldn’t reach her retina .

doctors restore vision of 23-yr-old Ethiopian woman

We replaced the fluid and fixed a new lens.” As Sisay never learnt to read, doctors have found it difficult to check her visibility. “She now walks on her own and looks at people while talking to them, so we assume that she has some percent of visibility,” said Dr Nishikant Borse, who conducted the surgery in his clinic in Dadar.


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