Djibouti-Ethiopia Joint Commission Talks

Tayitu 14th Tayitu 14th

The Djibouti-Ethiopian Joint Commission met on Monday (February 2) in Djibouti to discuss bilateral relations and negotiate the terms of a number of trade agreements. The Joint Commission is made up of experts in various fields from both countries.

The delegations were led by led by Ambassador Solomon Abebe, Director General of African Affairs in the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Mohamed Ali Hassan, Secretary General of the Djibouti Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation.

Discussions covered co-operation in development, trade and investment, energy and mining and progress on the railway links. During this first meeting, the experts of the two countries reviewed the state of bilateral relations.

They also discussed issues around the operation of the port and transport between Djibouti and Addis Ababa including the COMESA Yellow Card, assigning a rest stop for truckers Djibouti in Addis Ababa, negotiation of contracts between Djiboutian and Ethiopian carriers, service payment terms, and pollution at the Port of Djibouti. The experts negotiated the terms of agreements for several projects including mining and refining of natural resources and border trade in advance of the Joint Ministerial Commission meeting held on Wednesday and Thursday this week. The respective delegations are led by Dr. Tedros Adhanom, Foreign Minister of Ethiopia and Mahamoud Ali Youssouf, Foreign Minister of Djibouti.

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