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by Zelalem

Why is TPLF afraid to death talking openly about Wolkayit, Tegede, Telemt and Humera (called as wolkayit) and also forcing a nationwide Media as well as public conversations blackout about it? Do they think we are living in the 1960s and 70s when they started a civil war and Wolkayit became their main and first target because of it is very rich with everything and the media was almost none existence and as a result they managed to hide from the public as well as international community for decades the genocide, ethnic cleansing, immense sufferings, looting including lands and property they committed against the native Amharas?

The international community knows more than Ethiopians do about the wolkayit issue because of TPLF is still trying to hide the crimes it did there for 37 years including made it illegally and unilaterally part of Tigry since 1994 crossing the river which is the border between Tigry and Gonder. You can see even Fanuel was uncomfortable to talk about openly and passionately but about Russia, china and you name it walking around in order not to touch the wolkayit issues acting as if he forgotten Dawit’s legitimate and right Question regarding to it.. Is he afraid as the rest do because of TPLF or he knows very little about as the rest of the public do because of TPLF is declaring a nationwide blackout to hide …..?

Hi Dawit, Good job.

Fanuel is another person today than he was during the previous one. We are expecting more from him in the future. Any responsible person should behave accordingly based on the situation we are facing internally. Why Internally. Internal problems are the source of external ones. A society that is doing its home work (the Ethiopian jobs) well would face very limited external enemies/challenges. Bad and negative internal issues and activities are the source of failures in the country caused by internal as well as external forces.

We know Saudi Arabia is cocking Wahabbism poison to feed us. However, we are not doing our part to counter and defeat it before entering in our society. This has to be the government Jobs. But do we have really a government good enough doing any job which is essential and relevant?

EPRDF is the union of 4 Ethnic based groups created by TPLF which is the smallest among the 4 collation groups. I cannot call them political parties but Ethnic representatives based on the TPLF nomads land policy they designed when they were engaging with civil war against Ethiopia and its solders and people.

Let’s talk about Woklayit. This issue needs nothing else other than internal to solve it including any foreign experience. It is intentionally and illegally created in 1994 by TPLF. Why did they made it part of Tigry crossing the broad and hostile canyon river despite it was always part of Gonder? If it doesn’t matter whether it is part of Tigry or Gonder, why they started the first place and continuing claiming as part of Tigry despite it is geographically and naturally connected with Gonder?

Any Ethiopian who cares about his nation and people must not make a lip serving case about the Wolkayit issue knowing the Amhara/Gonder will never ever allow it being continuing illegal being part of Tigry done unilaterally by TPLF holding power and gun by themselves. This will never happen no matter how the consequences are. No one cares about anything else when their own home is illegally taken by force by TPLF and supported by sick Tigreans. This issue is going to be the biggest volcano in the country if it is not solved soon based on the pre 1994 TPLF kilil policy map between Tigry and Gonder.

As far as I know, Dawit is the first journalist and his media Awramba mentioning the wolkayit issue this way among the Ethiopian Medias in the country. They are damp and herd of animals not talking as the hottest and breaking news the wolkayit issue and TPLF involvement which are the main reasons for the Amhara uprisings. Yet, they are talking about the material lost or deaths as a result.

The incompetent Prime minister needs to resign right now and leave the whole issue to the TPLF openly as they are controlling everything including the PM position. They are talking about good governance, rent seeking and blah blah for years while they are the ones swimming with these kind criminal activities. Look at all the TPLF elements and their supporters including those have high positions and their wealth and the wealth of their families.

The Ethiopian people see everything and know who are the corrupted, rent seekers and looters. They are the TPLF elements down to the office levels holding all positions. The PM who is serving as the Tigrians symbol they are using him to control the nation, needs to act as a prime minister in control or leave the office.

Does he know anything the truth about wolkayit including when it became part of Tigry, how, about the genocides, massacres, ethnic cleansings, lootings including their lands and animals against the natives, the natives objection against wolkayit being part of Tigry since 1994 including they requested Meles who was a president back then and the paper they presented to him about their rejection wolkayit being part of Tigry instead of remaining with Gonder, 11 times with federations and so many requests? He knows nothing but the TPLF are telling him all lies about. He is their mouth talking their interest including about Wolkayit.

We are hoping other Ethiopian Medias in Ethiopia will start talking openly and frankly the truth about the wolkayit issues instead of the results such as uprisings, demonstrations, deaths, material losses and so on. Some of them think it will go away if the public do hear or talk about it and things will be okay. No. the wolkayit issue is going to determine how our future is going to be. This will never go away as it was always there for the last 25 years but boiling under the carpet among the 30 million Amharas in the country and worldwide. .

Therefore, for the sake of all of us, we must talk openly and frankly the truth about wolkayit how it started since 1969/72 EC and afterwards including the crimes against the natives, the mass Tigrean settlements and so on. What that Kassa Teklebirhan and naive PM said simply saying “the wolkayit issue is solved” is something no one expects from any normal human being let alone those in the responsible positions. It was clear that they were not talking their own minds but being mindless suffering from fear not to talk differently than they have been told and allowed by TPLF maters.

Their response became another fuel to inflame the situation because millions of people know the truth about. No one hides the truth from the people. The wolkayit issue which is the other side of the Tekeze River in Gonder must be openly and frankly talked among the Ethiopian population including the PM office in order to solve it knowing this will lead solving lots of issues we are facing right now.

China has a two term leadership period. Ethiopia has a life time period despite they are talking differently. TPLFs are ruling the country for 25 years changing only chairs but not positions always on the top where the money, influence, power, dominations, businesses and so on are. They are having the very important as well us less important positions under their control from Top to down by the TPLF and Tigres. Look at the wealth they are having including their family members. Look at them now and how they were 25 years ago. From where came all these huge wealth?

Pm Hailemariam Desalegn is the only person they allowed to hold a foreign minister and PM positions for the last 25 years. All important positions are totally under their control including security, military, police, finance, banking, investment, advisers and you name it. What is the reason they allowed only Hailemariam Deslaegn to hold these positions? Is there something we don’t know what is going on behind between him and them?

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