Demonstration Staged Against Ginbot 7 Activities in US

by Zelalem

Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans in Washington staged a demonstration Tuesday to express support for the excellent relations between Ethiopia and the US.

They commended the progress being made in Ethiopia and its peace and stability.

They also criticize d the activities of few elements in the Ethiopian Diaspora apparently bent on trying to derail relations between Ethiopia and the US.

They strongly condemned the actions of the group who stormed the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington on September 29.

They said they were concerned that these people had publicly announced their intention to harass and intimidate Ethiopian government officials, diplomats and their families, and members of the Diaspora they regarded as supporters of the government.

They demanded in their statement that those responsible for the attack on the Embassy should be brought to justice.

The threats and intimidation made by members of Ginbot 7 and its media arm, ESAT, against US citizens and Ethiopians residing in the US as well as visiting officials and diplomats should be investigated.

Ethiopian Ambassador to the US, Girma Birru, said last week that around 15 people involved in the incident at the Embassy.

Those were a few members of some political parties apparently upset by the successful outcome of recent discussions between the Ethiopian and US leaders on boosting nations’ cooperation, it was learned.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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