DAY 4 ! Chris Flaherty’s hunger strike to Birtukan Mideksa and political prisoners continues.

by ocean

4 days only water. 4 days sleeping on the park bench and still going on until the Obama administration recognize Ms. Birtukan as a PRISONER OF CONSCIOUS.

Mr. Chris looks more tired physically when we see him this morning but still strong on his mission to stay until he gets the answer form The White house.

Chris Flaherty

Chris Flaherty

As he explain it on the Day 3 video (SCROLL DOWN TO THE VIDEO) not getting enough sleep and sleeping on the uncomfortable park bench without any blanket or comforter is making him more physically hurt but getting a lot of support on site and with constant phone call from the Ethiopian community around the world is making him stronger and not to give up.

He says “I understand if a person is not be able to come down here and show me support but emailing, sending letters, talk to senators , media and people you think they should know about this is a lot of help for the effort I am trying make.”

Mr. Kebadu one of and the only Ethiopian participant on the hunger strike from Day one had to interrupt the strike because of his leave permission form Job ended last night.

Mr. Kebadu hunger strike for Birtukan mideksa

Mr. Kebadu hunger strike for Birtukan mideksa

Kebadu showed his support standing by with Mr. Chris for the last 3 days day sleeping on the uncomfortable park bench and drink only water.

Mr. Chris mentioned there will me more activities by tomorrow morning because of the Mother’s Day March.

Tomorrow May 7, 2010 starting from 9 am there will be Mother’s Day March to remember a jailed mother Birtukan Mideksa.

This rally starts from State Department and continue to United States Congress asking the Ethiopian government to release all political prisoners. To support Mr. Chris’s effort a Facebook group started. Click the link to see the group

I Support Chris Flaherty’s Hunger Strike for Birtukan Mideksa.


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Johnta Tato May 7, 2010 - 11:02 am

You can write online messages for president Obama:

haile May 7, 2010 - 12:26 pm

yes let’s show our support by sending email to the whitehouse and in state department Ethiopian desk.
Mr. Joel R. Wiegert, the Ethiopian Desk officer at the State Department call (202) 647-6473 or
send email to

Free all political prisoners!
God bless Ethiopia!

China Addis May 7, 2010 - 4:03 pm

የምንወድህ የምናፈቅርህ መሪያችነን ነህ

yoftahe May 9, 2010 - 4:34 pm

please help her to be free!


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