CRUMBS, a surreal post-apocalyptic film from Ethiopia

by Zelalem

Check out this surprisingly twisted and odd trailer for CRUMBS, a feature length science fiction film from Ethiopia.

Our friends at Comic Book Resources share:

Billed as both “an Ethiopian post-apocalyptic surreal sci-fi feature-length film” and a “love story,” it’s the brainchild of Miguel Llansó, Spanish filmmaker who lives in Addis Ababa. The trailer is downright Lynchian — never mind the violent Santa, who’s the guy in the Nazi uniform? — and goes a long way to establish the film’s off-kilter tone, if not necessarily the plot, which involves alien visitors, a couple of scrap collectors and, well, not-so-jolly ol’ Saint Nick.


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  1. SpunkyTWS

    February 20, 2015

    They had me at the bowling alley. I’ll probably watch this at home, but I hope it comes to the local indie theater. This seems like a film best watched in a dark theater on a big screen.

    One unintended side effect of international films is their ability to challenge preconceptions about a place. Ethiopia always calls up images in my mind of deserts and waste. Consciously I know it’s not all like that, but the lush greenery that Gagano sets off through is surprisingly beautiful.

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