Court Orders Cancelation of Chamber’s Decision On Zafu Eyesuswork

Tayitu 14th Tayitu 14th

Federal First Instance Court cancels the decision it passed against Zafu Eyesuswork on January 14, 2013, ordering the Chamber to pay 1,000 Br of moral compensation.

The accusation was filled on January 1, 2014 by the plaintiff who alleges that the chamber had violated his right to participate in the Chamber’s ninth annual meeting unlawfully after the member of the Chamber, United Insurance had entitled him to represent the company at the annual meeting. Thus, asking the court to reverse the decision and order compensation.

Noting that the decision is passed by the board of the chamber and based on the Chamber’s article of association, the accused defended that the exclusion of the plaintiff from the meeting is because he breaches the member’s duty to keep the Chamber’s good will and reputation.

Witnesses were presented to the court who testified that the plaintiff was barred from entering the meeting hall and taking a card to exercise the member’s right to vote. Examining the provided evidences and the litigation, the court stated in its decision that the article of association the defendant raised as a ground to bar the plaintiff from the meeting is enforceable on the Chamber’s member not on its representative.

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