Cooked Crocodile and Antelope meat seized at Dulles Airport (VIDEO)

by yeEthiopiaforums

DULLES, Va – Customs agents at Dulles International Airport had a strange find over the weekend.
Agents found 7 pounds of cooked antelope and a whole cooked crocodile in the luggage of a woman arriving on a flight from Ethiopia.
Department of Homeland security spokesman Steve Sapp says crocodile is an endangered species.
“We see a lot of bush meat, some types of smaller animals because it’s an normal staple of protein in Africa.”Cooked Crocodile and Antelope
The meat was seized and the woman fined $300 for failing to declare a prohibited product.

Passengers Attempt to Bring in Cooked Crocodile, Antelope, Cow’s Feet, Through Dulles Airport:

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