Convicted Ethiopian Man Deported from Canada for Pimping Children

by ocean

A man convicted of pimping out children has been kicked out of the country, says the Canadian Border Services Agency.

Letwelde Ayele, 30, has a lengthy criminal record for offences, including assault with a weapon, robbery, and procuring and living off the avails of juvenile prostitution.

Ayele received his marching orders from CBSA in 2003, but according to officials, the order was held while additional charges were dealt with.

During that time, Ayele exhausted all efforts to stay in Edmonton, his home since 1992.

“He had a right to appeal the deportation order,” said Lisa White, of CBSA. “But he was denied.”

Once his appeal was thrown out, CBSA officials moved quickly to get him out of the country, back to his native Ethiopia.

Permanent residents, if they are convicted of a crime greater than six months in jail, can be deported.

Ayele’s was the third criminal deportation in Alberta last week.

Two Calgary men charged with assault and unlawful confinement were also sent packing.

Source : Edmonton Sun

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Dawit Tekleab July 21, 2010 - 4:23 pm

That’s great!!! Get another person who can earn n support her/his poor family back home. Let him pimp his azz out in d street of addis kkkk

Anonymous July 21, 2010 - 9:45 pm

thats fuked up all he was trying to do was sell some P***Y…


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