Constitution Is Ethiopia’s Stabiliser – Envoy

by Zelalem

The ratification of the new constitution in Ethiopia 20 years ago has been described as a stabilising force among the diverse ethnic groups in the country.

Minister Counsellor II in the Ethiopian embassy in Nigeria Alemu Ayele Gesuma made the assertion in an interview with Daily Trust in Abuja. He said the celebration of the evolution of the constitution which holds annually on December 8 is a milestone in the history of the East African country.

According to him, the institution has been a stabiliser in Ethiopia by taking care of issues concerning marginalisation, discrimination based on ethnic background or religion.

The envoy noted that as there is no fear in the country and there power sharing by fair representation for every region.

Gesuma explained that before the adoption of the constitution in 1994, the country was in violation of human and democratic rights and diversity was the problem.

He said only a few large groups of people were enjoying their rights and there was serious discrimination based on ethnicity and religion.

He said the country became a federal state with the provisions of the constitution for all its peoples and all citizens were treated equally without discrimination.

The envoy noted that with recognition to all ethnic groups and access to the country’s resources and power sharing on equal basis, Ethiopia was able to develop quickly.

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