Classes resume in unrest-hit Ethiopian universities – Xinhua

by Zelalem

ADDIS ABABA, Dec. 31 (Xinhua) — Classes have resumed in all universities that were hit by deadly unrest earlier this month, an Ethiopian official said on Sunday.

Speaking to Xinhua, Negeri Lencho, Minister of Ethiopia Government Communications Affairs Office (GCAO), said the government is providing free transportation to students who fled the unrest but want to return.

He also said an Ethiopian Parliament committee has visited unrest-hit universities and understood students have both academic and non-academic questions.

“Agreement has been reached for university officials to promptly respond to students’ academic demands while political demands will be given reply by local and federal government officials,” said Lencho.

Clashes between university students on Dec. 10-11 at several universities left at least four students dead and several other students injured.

The unrest seems to have significantly eased in recent days but scores of students in various universities have reportedly left their campuses for fear of violence.

In recent years, Ethiopia’s higher education institutions have become scenes of violence between students over ethnic and religious differences.

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