Chinese embassy provides third-round donation for Ethiopia school

by Zelalem

ADDIS ABABA, Oct. 31 — Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia Xie Xiaoyan has reaffirmed China’s commitment to further strengthening cooperation with Ethiopia in human resource development.

The Ambassador made the remarks on Friday during the third round donation ceremony of reference books and other equipment by Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia to Tinbite Ermiyas School in the capital Addis Ababa of the East African country.

Xie noted that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the cooperation with Ethiopia in human resource development.

He also reaffirmed China’s commitment to continuing its efforts to further boost the bilateral cooperation with Ethiopia in education and other sectors.

The Chinese Embassy in Addis Ababa has forged close partnership with Tinbite Ermiyas School whereby the Embassy provides teaching material and other equipment in donation with a view of ensuring smooth teaching and learning process and thereby achieving quality education at the school.

In its latest move Friday, the embassy has donated reference books, desktops, laptops, projectors, and generator among others worth a million Eth. Birr, or 50,000 U.S. dollars.

Officials from the school and the local administration revealed that the embassy’s support to and partnership with the school has enabled the school to make progress and raise its standard.

The ambassador reassured that the partnership between his Embassy and the school would continue in strengthened manner to see more progress at the school.

He reiterated that the Chinese Government and its people would continue the support to Ethiopians in the education sector.

“I myself, the Embassy, the Chinese people and Government will continue within our capacity to assist our brothers and sisters in education. This is an on-going process; and we will continue as partners in the future,” noted Xie.

China last year announced it would double the scholarship to Ethiopian students and in September this year over 40 students went to China’s universities under the scholarship program by the Chinese Government, recalled the Ambassador.

He also expressed hope that the students at Tinbite Ermiyas School would have the opportunity in the future to have China’s scholarship and that they would contribute to their country’s development and also to the cooperation and friendship between Ethiopia and China.

Speaking on the occasion, Miskir Getachew, Principal of Tinbite Ermiyas School, said the school and the Embassy have been working in close collaboration towards quality of education.

He has commended the people and Government of China for the support to the school.

The support from the Chinese Embassy enables the school to achieve its organizational goals by alleviating the problem in shortage of school material, said the Principal.

Representing the people and Government of China, the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia is one of the partners the school has been working with in its efforts to ensure quality of education, according to the Principal.

Lauding the Chinese Embassy’s support to the school, Tarekegn Workneh, Head of Capacity Building Bureau of Kolfe Keranyo sub- city, noted that Ethiopia and China are enjoying cooperation in different sectors including, in economic and infrastructure development among others. Tewodros Hailemariam, CEO of Woreda 9 Administration, has lauded the role by the partnership forged between Tinbite Ermiyas School and the Chinese Embassy towards education quality.

With songs by the students, the handing over ceremony of Friday’ s donation took place in the presence of members of the Embassy staff, local officials, and members of the school community.

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